‘There Is No Purdah Or Triple Talaq In Hindu Society’, Says Amreena Ansari Who Married Hindu Man, Converted To His Faith

Pictures of Amreena Ansari in a red saree, a nuptial chain (mangalsutra) around her neck, and vermilion on her forehead performing wedding rituals as per Hindu customs recently went viral on the Internet.

Rashtra Jyoti brings you her story in this report.

Amreena recently got married to a Hindu man at a temple. She says that she was traumatised by her friend’s marriage were she was forced to wear burqa and as eventually kicked out of her marital house through ‘triple talaq’.

She says she loved Pappu Kori (a scheduled caste), but apart from her love, she married him for having a secure marriage. In various video interviews, she can be seen saying that “Hindus don’t give unilateral divorce”.

This is not the only such case. Earlier this month, two other women accepted Hinduism saying they feel free and there is no ‘Purdah’ system unlike their Islamic society.

Amreena’s story

On 16 December 2022 Amreena left her home. She is a resident of Sadat colony area of Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh. She eloped with Kori to Bareilly where they married each other at Agastya Muni Ashram on 26 December. Kori is native of a village near Rampur.

Amreena underwent a ‘Shuddhi’ ceremony conducted by the priest at the Ashram, KK Shankhdhar. Her name was changed to Radhika as she wished to embrace Hinduism after the marriage.

Soon after the conversion, the priest performed the wedding ritual as per Hindu customs. Kori’s family and friends were present at the wedding. Whereas Amreen’s family boycotted it saying she is dead for them.

After getting married, the bride while speaking to the media said, “She misdialled a number in 2020; it turned out to be Kori’s. They started talking to each other regularly. She liked him, so did he. Both of them decided to marry each other.”

Pappu Kori and Amreena Alias Radhika after marriage

She said there is no system of ‘Triple Talaq’ in Hinduism hence she married a Hindu man. There is no security in marriage in Islam, she said. She cited the example of her friend whose husband left her after five years of their marriage, after giving her instant ‘Triple Talaq’.

Amreena does not wish to be a victim like her friend so she married a Hindu, she said.

As per a report, her year of birth as per her Aadhaar Card is 2000 which means she is 22 years old and hence a major. She has done this marriage out of her own will without any pressure, she told the media.

Her family members were against the alliance and were threatening her, as per a report by Dainik Bhaskar.

The Dainik Bhaskar team called up the bride’s family. Her father Rehman Ansari said as soon as she went missing, they filed a police complaint. The police teams have been looking for her.

Her brother, Ataullah Rehman Ansari said they have been trying to locate her for the past ten days. If she wanted to marry, she should have told the family, but now that she had got married, their doors are closed for her, he said, adding that the family would not tolerate her visits even to their village, forget home.

On her conversion, the family said that Amreena used to offer namaz five times a day. They had a small keypad phone at home. She often used to talk to people over it. She never went out, so they believe that she was kidnapped and brainwashed.

Interestingly, this is not the only case of a Muslim woman leaving her religion and marrying a Hindu man for similar reasons. In November 2022, a woman named Shehnaz became Suman to marry Ajay at a temple.

Shehnaz and Ajay are the residents of Sagalpur village in Bareilly. They fell in love and married each other on 29 November. After they got married, Ajay and his family started receiving threats of being killed and chopped into pieces by her kin.

Shehnaz alias Suman with Ajay after marriage

Shehnaz told the media that she accepted Hinduism as there is no culture of ‘Purdah’ here. In Islam women are supposed to live in ‘Burqa’, she said. The women leave their house only to get rejected by their husbands in the name of ‘Triple Talaq’, she said, adding that she found Hindu society free from all such evil customs.

The couple demanded protection from the Bareilly police against some of her family members, including Shehnaz’s uncle Zakir, brother Wahid and grandfather Liyaqat. Some days ago, they were caught following Ajay’s mother, as per reports.

Read a report on this case by Dainik Bhaskar here.

Another such case was reported in Bareilly where Iram Zaidi became Swati to marry Aadesh. A copy of their marriage certificate was accessed by Rashtra Jyoti which shows the year of birth for Swati as 2004 and Aadesh as 1997. The certificate shows the date of wedding as 24 November.

Aadesh with his wife Iram Zaidi alias Swati

The picture of their marriage certificate is attached below.

Read a report on this case here and here.

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