Pakistan: Hindu Boy Complains To ‘Mola’ About Abduction Of Hindu Girls, Gets Booked Under Notorious Blasphemy Law

On 23 November 2022, a youth named Love Kumar Meghwar from Pakistan’s Sindh area went missing. His family was later informed that he had been booked for ‘blasphemy’ of Islam over a social media post. Love allegedly used ‘Mola’ in place of ‘Bhagwan’ in his post.

He is a resident of Mithi district in Tharparkar (Thar) of Sindh Province in Pakistan. He is booked under sections 298 and 153A of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Only two percent of Pakistan’s population is currently Hindu, the majority of whom live in Sindh.
Case Details

As per a Tweet by Zafar Sahito, founder of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, Love shared a Facebook post in which he complained to god asking where was he missing when every day Hindu girls are taken from home, living their families to suffer. The post in Urdu, as translated by Sahito to English, says, “Where are you missing when everyday our sisters are taken from home , how their families are suffering! How a father, a mother is crying do you don’t listen & hear their cries? (sic)”.

As per Sahito, Love shared this post on 22 November through his Facebook account. The screenshot is attached below:

Sahito added, “That’s it, that’s his crime & now he is in jail! Already professor Nutan Kumar is in Pakistani jail since many years on blasphemy charges. This is what happening in Occupied Sindh with real owners of land Sindhi Hindus.”

In another case, Nutan Lal, owner and principal of a private school, was accused of ‘insulting’ Prophet Muhammed during an Urdu class as accused by a student named Muhammad Ihtisham, who later said he had lied. Yet, Lal has been sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000 has also been imposed on him.

In the subsequent tweets, Sahito also added a copy of the FIR filed against Love. The copy is in Urdu and hence cannot be translated by Rashtra Jyoti.

Notably, the ‘Mola’ word is commonly used in the Sindhi language to address God.

Another Twitter user and a journalist from Karachi, Veengas, said in a Twitter post that both Hindus and Muslims in Sindh refer to God as ‘Mola’, ‘God’, ‘Dhari’ or ‘Ishwar’. Furthermore, Sindhi literature references the word ‘Mola’ referring to God. She urged the Pakistani government to ‘protect citizens’.

She said, “A blasphemy charge has been made against a young Hindu boy in Tharparkar over a Facebook post wherein he had communicated with God by complaining about injustice. In Sindh, either Hindus or Muslims remember God using a different name: Mola, God, Dhari, Ishwar.

“Even our Sindhi literature is filled with such writings. People can communicate with God as it is between you and Dhari (God). Government should show its presence and protect citizens. Please, let people breathe., added Veengas.

Veengas is the founder of @Therisenews_ with around fifty thousand followers on Twitter.

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