Liquor Vendor Throws Party For Hindu Men, Serves Them Beef By Fraud, Asks Them All To Convert To Islam

Two separate cases of Hindu men being assaulted for refusing to have beef (meat of cow or cow progeny) have come to light from Jharkhand. The accused in one of the incidents has been arrested by the Jharkhand police. In both cases, the accused are Muslims.

The First Case:

The first incident was reported from the Barhi region of the Hazaribagh district in Jharkhand. In this case, a First Information Report (FIR) was registered by one Manoj Birhor on 30 December at Barhi police station. The complaint by Manoj has been accessed by Rashtra Jyoti.

In his complaint, Birhor told the police that:

He lives in Bariyatha Tola area of Barsot panchayat which falls under Barhi town. On 30 December, one Khalil Miyan with his friends visited his house. They brought a cow with them and tied her at Rajesh Birhor’s house.

Miyan told all the villagers that he is organizing a feast for all the villagers and that there will be alcohol as well. More than two dozen people assembled for the feast.

As promised there was alcohol with food. For the main course, he served meat and rice. While having food some people questioned him about the meat as the pieces were bigger than usual. He replied it is not meat but beef which he brought with him.

When the complainant with other villagers protested, Miyan flashed the same weapon from which he chopped the cow saying he will cut all of them into pieces.

He added, “Now that you have eaten beef, you have all become Muslims. From now onwards you all will have to offer namaz.”

Copy of the complaint letter

He asked everyone to assemble in the mosque where they can get money as well.

When Manoj, his friend Sonu and Rohit opposed Miyan for his fraudulent behavior, he threatened them of chopping them into pieces. He said, “Will bury you all here after chopping into pieces.” He also passed casteist slurs. The Hindu men were all from a scheduled caste.

Scared of him, Manoj and others left. The next day, this complaint was registered.

Manoj and his friends also showed the place to the police where Miyan chopped the cow. Pieces of flesh with bones were present at Rajesh’s house.

Miyan supplies alcohol in the village.

The FIR (number 3/2023) was filed at Barhi police station in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand on 2 January. 

On Jharkhand police’s website, the status of the FIR is marked as ‘sensitive’. The page, however, gives details of the charges against Khaleel. 

He has been booked under IPC sections 341 (wrongful restraints), 323 (causing hurt), 429 (killing or maiming cattle), 153A (offence in any assembly engaged in religious activity), 295A (deliberately hurting sentiments), 298 (hate speech), 504 (insulting), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention), along with Section 121 of the Jharkhand Bovine Animal Prohibition of Slaughter Act, 2005 and Sections 31a and 3(1)s of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

As shown by the Jharkhand citizen’s portal

Barhi police station in-charge Lalit Kumar told Rashtra Jyoti that they have arrested Khalil Miyan.

As per the local media there were around 50 people in the party who were converted fraudulently. All of them belong to the Dalit caste.

Local media reported the case

The Second Case

In a similar case from the Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, a Dalit man, Chandan Ravidas, was force-fed beef by some Muslim youths. A case was registered at the Radha Nagar police station.

Ravidas told the media that on the night of 31 December he was standing in front of a grocery shop when he went into the bushes to pee. There he saw Mitthun Sheikh and four others having drinks.

They offered him drinks and a feast with them. Ravidas refused and then they thrashed him.

As per his statement to the media, they force-fed him the beef and alcohol. They did not stop there and also thrashed him.

He somehow managed to escape but Shiekh and an accomplice followed him on the bike. A few meters ahead they stopped him and snatched his phone and took away his eight thousand rupees as well.

Shiekh and friends again beat him up saying if left alive he will tell everything to the police. They took off his clothes and beat him up mercilessly.

The accused are yet to be arrested by the Radha Nagar police in this case.

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