Kaleemulla Sheikh Posed As Sameer Khanna To Lure Me, Converted Me To Islam For Nikah, Then Left Me To Trap Another Hindu Woman: Wife Files Case Against Husband

Amid rising cases of love traps using false identity, another case has come to light from the Siwan district of Bihar.

As per a woman’s complaint, a Muslim man posed as a Punjabi Hindu to first lure her into a relationship, forced her to leave her husband and got her to convert to Islam. And after doing all this, he has left her to lure another Hindu woman, she says.

The case

As per a report by Dainik Bhaskar, the accused falsely posed as Sameer Khanna.

He used to run an English coaching center named “American Spoken English Classes” in the Siwan district. The victim, Ratna Kumari, was a student at this coaching center; it was in the year 2011. There, he worked as Sameer Khanna.

Sameer alias Kaleemulla wooed her saying that she was a bright student and must stay back for extra classes. A few months later, they fell in love.

On the promise of marriage, he made a physical relationship with her.

Kaleemulla appointed Ratna as manager of the coaching academy. This was only a verbal offer and there was no paperwork involved. He never paid her salary, saying all the money belonged to both of them and they would use it together.

Ratna gave her sweat and blood to the academy considering it hers.

He began to visit Ratna’s house; all her family members treated him well considering he was her teacher. He told everyone in Siwan that he is from Delhi and all his family members live there. He said he had never been to any village before.

Ratna also gave a video interview to a news reporter. She said that her parents agreed to her wishes of marrying him, but whenever they tried to fix her marriage with Sameer, he would call it off. After being in a relationship for almost five years, Ratna was married to a man from her caste community in 2016.

Within a year of her marriage, she started having disputes with her husband. All because of Sameer.

She said that after she got married, Sameer managed to take the contact number of Ratna’s husband. he began making calls to him.

Ratna and her husband were separated after this, as her husband found out about their relationship.

On 17 March 2017, Ratna and Sameer got married to each other in court. During paperwork, Ratna read his name as Kaleemulla. She was shocked, but could not do much as she had come a long way in this relationship.

Ratna said she had suspected something wrong with his name when he introduced himself as Sameer Khanna. She had asked him that time if he was Muslim, to which he had replied that ‘Khannas’ are not Muslims, and Rajesh Khanna and and Mukesh Khanna all are Hindus.

Ratna said Sameerused to wear kalawa and put tilak on his forehead. He also used to worship Hindu deities in temples, and it was impossible to believe that he was Muslim.

She said that after the court marriage, she was taken to a madrassa where the duo again got married as per Islamic rituals. Ratna’s name was changed to Ayesha Khatun.

Kaleemulla took her to a rented place in Nirala Nagar. They had a daughter within a year.

After the birth of her daughter, Ratna found out that Kaleemulla already had a wife and two children. She was shattered.

Asked why he did that to her, he said he could not have let her go as he loved her very much. He said he would make the marriage work.

He said he would soon take her to his house located in Vasantpur village in the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. However, he never did.

Ratna said that some people visited them every month. They all used to wear burqa and skull caps, and followed Muslim tradition. Kaleemulla always introduced them as residents of his village. However, she later found out they were all his family members.

She said that for the past four months, he had stopped coming home. He was not giving her any money for monthly expenses. She has filed a case against him in court demanding maintenance.

He has given her a rented room but barely pays the rent. He threatened her saying he would kick her out. He wanted to ruin her life and he had done so, and she is of no use to him now, he told her.

When she said that she would go to the police for help, he told her that he would bribe the police and get bail in a day. He said he had Rs 50 lakh to give to the police.

She told the media that she has seen several women coming to her home and leaving in tears. He has done wrong to others as well. She alleged that he is currently in a relationship with a Hindu woman named Archana and is currently living with her.

Whenever Ratna questioned him about his relations with another woman, he took her to Kichaucha Sharif Dargah in Ambedkarnagar saying she was possessed with ‘Shaitan’, she had lost her mind and was in a vulnerable mental condition.

Kaleemulla also changed the name of Ratna’s daughter from Aishwarya to Suhana Khatun.

This correspondent called up the Hussainganj Police Station on 19 December 2022, The police station in-charge, PK Singh, said that a case had been filed. However, he did not share the FIR or the IPC sections.

News reports have quoted Siwan Superintendent of Police Shailesh Kumar Sinha as saying that he has ordered for an inquiry into the matter.

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