How We Helped Rebuild A Poor Pujari’s House That Was Washed Away In Heavy Rains

Srimannarayan Mishra never imagined the misfortune that would befall him, that too on Janmashtami, a day celebrated widely as marking the birth of Lord Krishna.  

According to Hindu legend, Lord Krishna’s birth had coincided with severe rain, but his father Vasudev had to brave the rain to carry the newborn Shri Krishna to Gokul to put the Lord in the foster care of Nand Rai and Yashoda, while ‘saving’ him from the wrath of King Kansa. The story also says that the great eternal snake Vasuki used its hood like an umbrella to protect the Lord from the rain as Vasudev carried Shri Krishna on his head through the mighty Yamuna that had parted to give way.

Srimannarayan was buffeted by rain too, but no miracle saved the Lord’s devotee. Srimannarayan found no umbrella, literally or metaphorically, and the temple priest, who lived in a small hut made of mud in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpuri, found his house being washed away amid heavy rain. That too, on such an auspicious day as Janmashtami.    

The poor priest was distraught and seemed to have lost all his faith in God when a miracle did happen.    

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation got wind of how the rain had wreaked havoc in the life of the Lord’s ardent devotee. We rushed to his help. Perhaps the Lord had chosen us to help his devotee!  

Our founders decided to stand steadfastly by Srimannarayan’s side as he sought to rebuild his house. We provided him monetary assistance of Rs 5 lakh and this remains one of our biggest sewa works till now. Srimannarayan is overjoyed that when everything seemed lost, help arrived in such a big way.

Srimannarayan’s house is still in the making, and we have remained in touch with him. The priest and his son Suresh never cease to thank us for our support.  

Our sewa has always been out-of-the-box. From making women independent to making the downtrodden self-reliant, our work covers a vast canvas. We truly believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Do support us so that we can carry on our work with renewed zeal and vigour.    

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Support Us. Give Ahuti in Yajna.
Support Us. Give Ahuti in Yajna.
Support Us. Give Ahuti in Yajna.
Support Us. Give Ahuti in Yajna.

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