‘Anwar Posed As Hindu Named Anu To Trap Me’: Woman Files Rape Case Against Former Friend

It has become an evident pattern where men from the Muslim community pose as Hindus to trap them in relationships for getting them to convert to Islam or sexually exploiting them.

Another such incident has come to light from the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, where one Anwar allegedly posed as Hindu named Anu to befriend and later sexually exploit a Hindu woman. Anu may sound like his nickname but he did pose as a Hindu man by putting ‘tilak’ and ‘kalawa’, as per the woman.


A First Information Report (number—1004/2022) in the matter was registered at the Heera Nagar police station of the Indore Urban city on 1 December 2022.

The complainant, 25-year-old Khushbu Pal, a resident of the New Gauri Nagar area of Indore, in her complaint told this to the police:

She has studied till the first year of BCom course but left the college and stays at home. Eight years ago, she met Anu through a Whatsapp group. She began meeting him regularly.

Five years ago, she found his actual name was Anwar Khan. Upon learning his true name she distanced from him.

In September 2022, she got engaged to a man living in Mumbai. Anwar also learned about the engagement.

On 24 November around 12 in the afternoon, he barged in her house and started forcing her to marry him. He asked her to convert to Islam as well. On refusing, he raped her. Then he threatened her saying that if she dared to speak a word about this to her family, he would kill all of them.

In fear, Khusbhu did not tell her family about this immediately but eventually did. An FIR was then registered.

Read the statement below:

The Police

This correspondent called up the Heera Nagar police station on 21 December 2022. The Investigating Officer in this case, Gauri Tiwari, told Rashtra Jyoti that the police arrested the accused, Anwar Khan alias Annu, a day after the FIR.

On the same day, the victim also recorded her statement under section 164 of the CrPC. The diary of the case has been submitted in the court, she concluded.

The accused has been booked under IPC sections 376 (rape), 450 (trespassing house), 506 (criminal intimidation) and section 3 and 5 of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 2021.

The Victim

Khusbhu talked to Rashtra Jyoti on 9 December over the phone. She said she was a member of a fitness group on Whatsapp, where she first interacted with Anwar. They shared common interests and hence became friends easily.

Anwar called himself Anu, and so did his social media profile. She said she never sensed that he was not Hindu as he used to go to the temple with her, wear kalawa (sacred thread) on his wrist and tilak on forehead. He used to go to the Ganpati and Devi jhankis with her as well.

They started spending more time together. Khushbu always treated him as a friend, although she knew he liked her romantically. She kept on meeting him as she liked his company.

She said she found out about his true religious identity when she mistakenly opened his phone gallery, which had photos of him with skull caps and other Muslim men. She confronted him and found his name was Anwar Khan.

From that day, she started distancing herself from him. She started ignoring his calls, as “he broke my trust”.

She said she had criticised Muslims in front of him, but he never reacted adversely to those.

After getting engaged to a man of her family’s choice, she was happy. Anwar ruined it, she said.

“How will anyone accept me after learning about the presence of another man in my life?” said Khushbu.

She said she did not want to talk about the sexual assault or the status of her engagement. She just said, “Usko saza dilwao mam” (just get him punished, please).

Other cases from Indore

This is not the first such case from Indore.

In this month of December alone, there has been a number of such cases.

As per this report, a case was registered on 18 December at Heera Nagar police station where one Nebeel Ansari allegedly posed as Naveen to trap a Hindu woman. Rahstra Jyoti called up the police station but they refused to share details beyond this information.

The Hindu woman in this case had been separated from her husband, and lived alone.

In another case, a man named Moin was nabbed by Hindu activists suspecting ‘Love Jihad’. He was roaming with a Hindu woman in a mall when these volunteers nabbed him. It was revealed that he had hidden his religious identity and name from the woman, introducing himself as just Monu.

As per this report, on 10 December, volunteers of a Hindu group caught a couple doing “obscene” activity inside a café in the Patnipura area. They held the man who said he was Faizan Khan, a resident of the Chandan Nagar area. The called the family of the woman and told them about it.

In a similar incident that took place on 8 December in the Chandan Nagar police station area, volunteers of a Hindu group thrashed a man named Irfan who was allegedly trying to molest Hindu women. He first told the volunteers he was Hindu, but then told his real name. Irfan Sheikh on camera accepted that he had already married a 17-year-old Hindu girl.

Tannu Sharma, who introduced himself as Bajrang Dal head for the Indore city, told Rashtra Jyoti that they get more than two cases of such religious targeting daily in Indore.

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